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Operationalize: Expanded Access Programs Summit (March 21-23, 2023, Boston, MA)

The Operationalize: Expanded Access Programs Summit (March 21-23, 2023, Boston, MA) is the only forum that demonstrates how your peers from pharma and biotech have navigated challenges around setting up, running, and closing out successful EAP/ MAPs. 

Join 80+ of the top industry’s leading EAP experts and gain practical take aways on how you can navigate global regulations, convince internal stakeholders to run an EAP, collect real world evidence, reach patients and many more.   

This is your only opportunity to network with thought leaders to discover new solutions, methods, and developments to overcome the operational hurdles of expanded access programs to bring lifesaving treatments to patients more efficiently. 

Operationalize Expanded Access Programs Summit – What’s It About?

With pharma having a stronger focus on patient centricity and increasing access, it is more important than ever to confidently operationalize EAPs in multiple different countries. This comes with an array of challenges such as navigating unharmonized global regulations, getting supply over boarders and closing EAPs.

In hand with difficulties with convincing internal stakeholders to run an EAP in the first place. In order to ensure as many patients get access to life saving drugs as possible, practical solutions to these problems must be found. For the previous two years this summit has removed the hypotheticals to ensure the post-covid momentum behind EAPs is continued.

Download the agenda to see industry experts & leading organizations attending, including group discounts available! More info:

Join Your Peers To:


  • Effectively Execute a Global Expanded Access Program with Daiichi Sankyo
  • Understanding the Key Similarities and Differences Early Access Programs in Canada, Europe, and the United States with Amylyx Pharmaceuticals
  • Conduct an Equitable EAP for an Ultra Rare Disease In Europe with Agios Pharmaceuticals
  • Distinguish When to End an Early Access Programme and Move to Commercialization with Blueprint Medicines
  • Harness Innovation to Create a Patient Centric EAP with Sarepta Therapeutics
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